Slim-Look with Tunic

There are many ways to look slimmer although your weigh doesn’t go down; wearing black clothing, wearing turtleneck blouses, or wearing tunic combined with jeans or leggings. Yup! Tunic is one of the easiest alternatives to make a slim and elegant appearance although you are no longer a teenager. Here are the best ways in wearing tunic.

Tunis can serve modern ways to give slender appearance and disguise parts of your body which does not look ideal or you. These are blouson and V-necked tunic.

If you have black hair and shiny eyes, you can choose tunic with green, blue, or red colors to accentuate body silhouette. But, if you have plus size body, try black, dark blue, or camel with boxier cuttings.

Avoid too-tight types. The essence of a tunic is loose and flows. The sizes will bigger compared to other types. To get slender appearance, forget too mini tunic, or too-tight tunic.

Choose sleeveless tunic or with sleeves tunic, and choose the ones in bright colors and lighter.

For accessory, wear a wide leather belt and colorful is the best choice.

The last, try to combine tunic with leggings which will give you a slender look and a pair of boots or flat shoes to soften your appearance.